Monday, April 19, 2010

naomis baptism

Naomi turned 8 on Sunday. I can't believe that I am old enough to have
a 8 year old. For her birthday she got a new baptism dress and scriptures.
So we went out for a drive to take some pictures. We had a good
time taking pictures, she felt just like a princess.
I do have to say they didn't turn out to bad for someone who doesn't know what they are doing.
Now I just have to figure out how to make a cute inviation for her baptism.
Any suggestions or any one wanting to do it?
I just love her blue eyes

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We had our annual trip to Primary Childrens this week. We tried out the new PCMC in Riverton and it was great. Nice place and a shorter drive for us. We were only there for 45 mins.
When Naomi started her surgery she was 14mm off from her other leg. 4 months after her surgery she only moved to 12mm. I thought that we were in her for the long hall. But yerterday she mersured at 6mm off. We are almost there I can feel it. I feel like we hit a mile stone with her hips. We always go there and never seem to have good news. It was nice to go there and finally get good news. We are hoping that she will grow just a little bit more by 6 months then we can get the metal plates and screws OUT!

Monday, February 15, 2010

birthday baby

Rylee turned 1!
My baby is getting bigger everyday.
She has 6 teeth and is walking all over the place.
She weights 20.6 lbs and is 29 inches height
We had a small birthay for her because she wasn't feeling
very well that day. Come to find out that she had a ear infection.She wasn't too sure about the cake and poked at it a few times.The one thing that she loved was the ice cream. She takes after her mom.
It was a nice day to celebrate with my parents over for dinner.

But the best part is that my good friend Alicia took her pictures for me.
Alicia has taken her pictures from birth and I love each and everyone of them.
I was so excited to get them done.
Those are the pictures a the first.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

favorite age

I know that I will probally post most pictures of Rylee but this is my
favorite age. They are learning new things everyday.
Rylee just discovered babies. On Friday she held this baby all day.
She gave her kisses(just slobered) all over.
Maybe I just want to take more pictures because Rick gave me
a fantastic new lense for my camera. It is great!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

eat dirt

Rylee found a small plant in the corner and she was having a hay day eating.
I called and called her to find her behind the couch with a mouth full of dirt.
Sometimes I forget to feed my kids and this is what they get.
What a face!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

were goin' back to cali

I know that I am really behind but we took a trip to California last week.
It was a long drive expecially with a baby, but we made it there.
I took a ton of pictures (397 to be exact) but I am still trying to figure out how to use it,
so only 50 turned out. So you get to see all 50 just kidding.
So here is just a few of my favs.
We had to go the Train Museum
We had our own personal guided tour.

I broke all the rules just to get 1 good picture.
The lighting was terrible in there.

The girls love to go fishing (my personal HELL)
This is Naomi catching the first fish. That is all that was
documented because I got the dodge out of there.
Holding Rylee in my arms for 2 hours is just wrong.

The next day we went up the canyon and the girls Oh! and Grandpa Jr
got into the water to cool down.

Naomi making a muddy mess.

Sadie enjoying the cool water.
What a sweet baby.
I love this hat so I was playing with my camera trying to capture
her great smile with her eyes.
Grandpa Jr plays the guitar really well. It is the one thing that I love about him.
Give him a song and he can play it. So this is right up Sadie's alley.
She loves to sing.
So this is what we did most nights. Our little rock band.

Grandpa singing a little Johnny Cash

The girls had a chance to ride horses on the last day.
Grandma Linda has a friend with some horses.
They had a great time with it, but it was sooo hot and tons of flys.
Sounds fun!!

My Girls!
It was a good time but I was really glad to be home in my own bed.
Theres no place like home!

Monday, September 14, 2009

hog heaven

Here is what I love about my kitchen.
{The sink}
It is big enough to put my kids in for a bath.
After a messy dinner on night I stuck her in the sink.
You would have thought that she was in heaven.

She laughed and played forever.
So that was my turn to try and use my camera.
I love her eyelashes they are really long and curl up.
So I thought of Carin (which she doesn't know who I am, I blog stalk her)
she is my friend Dede sister who takes wonderful pictures.
She had a challenge of capturing your kids eyelashes.
So this is my attempt to do so as she plays in the water.

Here is my beautiful baby in the sun.
I am blessed to have such a great baby.